13 September, 2011

Maybe He Just Wanted a Cup of Coffee

Wow! Here we are face to face again. I am sorry, I really should work hard and study hard, these days. Do you know why?  I want to succeed as soon as possible, because I want to be with him as soon as possible too. I can't wait anymore ( hehe). Do you think I'm in love with him? No, no, don't say anything. I promise I'll tell you everything, when there's a wedding ceremony, a beautiful white dress, a headman etc yiiiha.

Well, let's talk about something happened to me today;  someone called me.

" Hello. Is this Aisha? " he asked on the phone.

" Yes, this is Aisha. Who's speaking? I replied. No one answer it. Then I'm hanging up the phone and ready to go home.

When I arrived home, I was surprised to see that the front door to my house was already open. I listened carefully, but I couldn't hear anything. I walked into the house very quietly, putting my suitcase down gently beside the front door. I looked in the living room. No one there. I heard a noise from the kitchen. I put my hand on the door and threw it open. An handsome-looking man was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. He clearly got an unpleasant shock when he saw me. He puts the mask on his face and then he ran out of the kitchen, through the back door and out onto the street. I ran after him, but he was too fast.

Back in the house, I called the police and looked around to see if everything was alright. When the police arrived, I told them everything that happened.

" And what did the man take? " asked the first police afficer.

" Nothing. Oh, my heart," I replied.

"Then why did he break into your house? " asked the second.

" I've no idea, " I replied. " Maybe he just wanted a cup of coffee."
The two police officers looked at each other and then at me. They clearly thought I was stupid!
Byaaaaarrr! My eyes open. I couldn't see anything. The dark. Suddenly  my hand touched the lamp,and turning it on. "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar" I heard the prayer calls.

"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,O thanks Allah. This is the nicest dream I've ever had!" I said smiled.

That's all.. I have to go now ^_^

11 komentar:

Bang Pendi mengatakan...

wah, cuma mimpi ya Mba? sayang ya...knapa orang itu lari, padahal dia cukup tampan...pastinya Mba Aisha ga akan marah klo dia bilang cuma mo minta kopi, hehe

Mr Nyariadi mengatakan...

saya kira realita, karena kesibukan jadi lama gak mosting ehhh ternyata mimpi ya.

Mr Nyariadi mengatakan...

saya kira realita, karena kesibukan jadi lama gak mosting ehhh ternyata mimpi ya.

Aulawi Ahmad mengatakan...

hmmm who is he sist ? hehehe

about healty mengatakan...

wah basa linggis nih...ajarin dunk...

salam kenal yach and don forget visit my blog

Sketsaku mengatakan...

a cup of your story, that i need. hehe

about healty mengatakan...

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Fajar mengatakan...

dooh..tak kiro beneran mbak..tiwas.wis..keweden je le moco.. ehmm dah mo nikah ya..kapan nih.. mbak.. jok lali..kabar..kabar..he.he.hl

The Great Mbah Dukun mengatakan...

wah klo mimpinya gini tafsirnya apa ya? berapa kede buntutnya ya

Ra-kun lari-laRIAN mengatakan...

untung cuma mimpi ya mbak :)

Mamah Aline mengatakan...

untungnya cuma mimpi, gimana coba kalo nyata ya mbak....