11 April, 2009

Rinie Awards

First of all, i would say thank you very much to you Rinie ,to chosen me as your cyber friend.Thank you again ,ofcourse for all these awards!
Honestly, when i reading your blog , it's remind me of when i was young lady like you .There are a many funny icons and characters ,also there are a many interesting and seriously things / ideas.Yeahhh it's make me go back to the adolescence again! hehe.

Here it is ....

Facts About me .Alright, my answer is:
. I accepted what there is (everything ).
. I'm not to young and not to old also hehe
. I have a little emotional also a little patience.
. I love pets so much.
. I have a high desire,which what i tendence.And will not surrender before achieved.
. I like making friends,but if they hurt me, i will leave them directly (i'm sorry).
. Easy to anger and also easy to apologize.It's to bad right? this is who iam heheh.
. My height 168 cm and weight 50 kg ( a little fat right).

All these awards i would give to my friends:
Bongjun Alijaini Fernando Mrpsycho Quinie Srex Aswinto Miss Bawell An9el

6 komentar:

mrpsycho mengatakan...

thanks awardnya sis,bisa diuangkan nggak? xixixi.. btw saya masih bingung majangin award,karena blognya mau ramping,ada yg bilang berat kalo banyak widget..tapi suatu saat akan saya pasang deh,termasuk yg dari bongjun dan quinie juga ..

Fernando mengatakan...

Wow trima kasih banget nih mbak, Ane tersanjung sekali.
Jadi kangen ama Om leo Srex Aswinto nih hix...hix...hix

alijaini mengatakan...

Selamat atas awardny mbak aisha,dan terimakasih ya mbak aisha untuk bagian saya. :-)

b mengatakan...

Wah,..thank you,..thank you Aisha hehehehe

Aishalife-line mengatakan...

heheh,Yw bro.nggak bisa bro,di uang kan hati aja hehe.Kenangan itu datang hanya sekali, dan tidak bisa di ulang lagi,heheh.so akan saya simpan dengan baik.

yw bro,saya juga senang hehe.iya moga aja ms srex aswinto bisa join ke kita secepat mungkin heheh.


Terimakasih bro, and you're welcom.


You are welcom b and makasih juga. heheh

Quinie mengatakan...

huaaaaa sayah dapet award... makasiiiii.... asik..ada bahan postingan..xixixi