24 Juni, 2011

Broken Again and Again!

"...So,where is he,now?" Delida asked her best friend Aisha.

"Huh!"Aisha said,glancing quickly at the adjoining table in the packed Friday restaurat.The couple sitting there were deep in their own conversation.

"What do you mean "Huh"? Delida said,brushing a lock of fine black hair from her forehead.

"You know what I mean.I leave him,Delida.I leave him because he was a bad,bad man!He's having an affair!
My heart,Delida,is broken,broken,broken! Again,and again!How he did this to me!" Aisha said,fresh tears swelled up from her eyes.

"Hay,hay, are you alright,dear?Are you sure?"Delida said,wondering if Aisha,her best friend,going to hurt again.

"No! But I saw him with my own eyes!"Aisha said glumly.

"Owh,but what if he never did that to you,I mean; you're wrong and he comes back?"Delida said,curiously.

"Hmm,if he comes back,Delida, I'll say this to him:So you can't back,you little man?You sad,lonely,little man! I know why you come back! Because you're nothing without me!Nothing!And you know that now! You belong to me,you little man!You know what I'll do with you? Aisha said,rolling her eyes in exaggerated horror.

"What will you do with him?" Delida said,impatienly.

"I'll break you-into little pieces! Like that!Aisha said,blurted.

"Ha..ha..ha.. I know your calmness in adressing a problem is not in question,Aisha!"Delida said,then they laugh together.

"So, you needn't any help,then."Delida said,smiled.

"Not at all; as long as I have a strong belief in Allah's destiny.No matter what hardship or misfortune,I can accept it without panic or frustation,incya Allah." Aisha said,makes sure to her best friend that she's fine.

"Oh, I hope so!Said Delida,asked the bill from a waiter.Then they left the restaurant and disappeared quickly.

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P.S. Yang penting blog update-takut PR turun-jangan ada yang tersinggung ya?^ ^

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Ra-kun lari-laRIAN mengatakan...

hahha posting demi menjaga PR toh :D

Fajar mengatakan...

ehm... diatas..langit..masih ada langit.. he.he.he.. nyambung ora yo.. soalnya kagak mudeng basa.. inggris..he..he..

AISHALIFE-LINE mengatakan...

@Rakun :heheh..ya iyalah..

@Fajar:nggak mudeng blas tante heeh

Inge / CyberDreamer mengatakan...

mba' eeeee... terjemahannya doooonk -_-" hehehe

AISHALIFE-LINE mengatakan...

@Inge:iya ,sist heheh

Elsa mengatakan...

idem Inge...