28 Mei, 2011

My Experiences Learning English

Hi girls,what's your native language?My native language is Indonesian (Java) of course.My second language is Arabic and my third language is English.Today I would like to share a little about my experiences learning English.

I learned English when I was a child at school,but I wasn't particularly interested-it was just another subject.Because I thought Arabic was more important than English at the time I decided to live in Saudi Arabia.

After I left school,I didn't use English at all,except for listening to the lyrics of English music and watching English movies sometimes, and I forgot most of it.

I regretted when I got a job in a company where I work,that the company needs English.Then I started to study at Wall Street Institute ,from the very beginning.To begin with it was hard,but I was never gave up.After the first few months,I found it was getting easier.I started to understand the grammar better,and my vocabulary increased quite quickly.The main problem I had-and still have-was pronunciation.But I'm working on it.

After three years I can understand English well and I got my diploma of course,and I still have two semesters left to a master.Now I use it at work;communicate with people around the world,and also at the mall,at home, and at any place.

What about you girls?Do you ever have any experiences about learning a foreign language?

7 komentar:

asasi mengatakan...

congratulation kak :)
nerusin ke perguruan tinggi tahun ini, saya juga ambil Inggris :)
kalau ada kesulitan boleh minta bantuan nggak? heheheh :D

*nb : miss you ^_^

Aishalife-line mengatakan...

@Asasi:thank you Asasi.Owh..good choice honey.Iya..nanti kapan2 kk share bahasa English di sini.Saat ini kk masih sibuk,sulit sekali cari waktu luang untuk blogging.

Miss you too,honey.Thank you.

Alris mengatakan...

Salam kenal.
Keren, bisa menguasai dua bahasa asing, salut.
Sukses selalu.

funnie mengatakan...

selmt ya...ajarin dongg..

NURA mengatakan...

salam sobat
salut banget sama mba Aisha hebat
selamat ya mba.
semoga anak saya seperti mba.

mamah Aline mengatakan...

lama sekali gak berkunjung kesini mbak aisha, jadi kangen lho...
soal kursus bahas inggris, terakhir di lembaga bahasa LIA sampai advance tapi gak sempat ikut toefl

Anonim mengatakan...

nice story, aisha...