14 Januari, 2012

Keep Your Blog Update


I: Well, my Prince still sleeping, and I've done my homework now.
SHE: Alhamdulillah. Then, what would you do next?
I: Nothing. Just sit and wait for him wake up, I think.
SHE: Oh, you do nothing. Then I have to remind you, that you have to visit your blog and write something there, while your Prince sleeps.
I: Uh-huh. A very good idea. But unfortunately I don't have any idea in mind, you know. And it's very important to keep in mind that people are; not everyone wants to spend their time reading about your life or what is of concern to you.
SHE: Yeah, you're right. But who cares, the important is just keep your blog update.
I: Yap, you're right too, girl.
SHE:  Oops! I almost forget to tell you, that there's one of my students who never used a computer before. And I think you're probably  the best person to help her with her first lesson. Would you mind?
I: Not at all. I'd be glad to. OK, let's start it!

First, make sure that your computer and peripherals are plugged in.
Next, pull up a chair and sit down. Reach out and turn on the computer (the switch is usually located on the right or back of the machine). You'll need to hold for a minute or so while the computer starts up. Then, when the destop image pops up on the screen, you're ready to get on with your work. Is it clear? ^_^

4 komentar:

Fajar mengatakan...

sepatah dua patah kata mudheng...kebawahnya..hadew.. mbr alias mumet babar blas... he.he.he.. yang jelas.. keep posting..mbak.. he.he.he.maaf kalo agak nyepam dikit.. I didn't mean to do that.. kabuuuuur....

AISHALIFE-LINE mengatakan...

@ Fajar: hehe..makasih kunjugannya , Fajar. Iya, tante baru nyadar kalau blog terlantar sampai sekian bulan.^^

asasi mengatakan...

yah..., memang harus berusaha update blog terus kak, karena sekali menelantarkan.., susah banget kembali, heheh (itu sih aku -sampe sekarang belum jg update, hehe)

AISHALIFE-LINE mengatakan...

@asasi: iya dd..apa kabarnya nih? Thanks telah mampir ya.. ^^ hehe